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Heroin Addictions: Symptoms, Mental Effects, And Treatments

What Is Heroin?

Heroin is a highly illegal and addictive drug. It is an opioid drug derived from morphine and made from a flower known as opium poppy, widely grown in South America and Asia. It is also known as diamorphine, and some of the other street names of heroin are smack, brown sugar, a white horse, white china, etc. Professionals medically use it to relieve pain from severe pain.

How Is Heroin Consumed?

Heroin is taken in various ways, many people smoke it whole most of the addicts inject it into their veins, and it is one of the most dangerous ways to consume it. You can easily overdose and catch infectious diseases from the dirty needle. However, it does not matter how you take it, it gets to the brain quickly as possible and makes you addicted to it after just one or two times, and it becomes so difficult for the addicts to quit it.

What Is The Reason Behind Heroin Addiction?

Medical professionals prescribe heroin to relieve the sharp pain, but if they take it very frequently, they might get addicted to it. It is usually started from painkillers that are prescribed during a surgery or an injury. If a person becomes addicted to it, they will go more for lethal drugs to experience the same pleasurable feeling.

Symptoms Of Heroin Addiction

There might be no symptoms of a heroin addiction disorder in the initial stage, but as the usage increases, you can easily find it. Some of the common signs and symptoms of heroin consumption are as follow:

  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Fumbling while speaking
  • Sleep disorder
  • Reduced sense of pain
  • Needle marks (if injected)
  • Runny nose
  • Behavioral changes

Mental Effects of Heroin

Heroin affects the brain in many ways, which can be experienced both physically and mentally. Mental health is one of the essential psychological elements of well-being, and the absence of mental consciousness can result in serious health problems.  Therefore, heroin effects on the brain are one of the serious concerns. When heroin is consumed, it transforms into morphine when it attains the brain. It naturally provides relief from the pain after it produces gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), draining the brain. If GABA levels decrease, dopamine produces happiness and pleasure. Some of the emotional effects of heroin are depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Treatment for heroin addiction varies depending on their condition. Detox is one of the major treatments for such addictions, which the medical experts prescribe to get rid of the alcohol from the addict’s body to move towards further treatment. They also suggest the patients hear heroin addiction podcast.

Heroin addiction podcast includes stories of other people who suffered from the same issue and how they got out of it. They share some ideas and motivating thoughts to use the energy into something positive, which has turned out to be one of the successful treatment processes.

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