How Often Are Dental Braces Adjusted?

Braces are very useful. They can correct misaligned teeth. While most of the reasons why people seek orthodontists Reston for braces is aesthetic, some do so because their crooked teeth cause discomfort for them. While the initial cost of braces might be high, the rewards are worth it. People wear braces for up to three years and they need follow-up check-ups within that span of time. If you were to have braces installed on your teeth, how often do you need to go for follow-ups?

Frequency of visits

On a general note, follow up check-ups usually happen anytime between three to eight weeks. Braces by orthodontists Reston used to be adjusted every four weeks or less. However, checkups are now dependent on several factors. Some materials take longer to take effect while others take only a few weeks. It also depends on how “cooperative” your teeth are, how often your braces need to be realigned, and how worn out your elastics get.

Elastics replacement

Your orthodontists Reston will always replace your elastics each time you have a follow-up checkup. They will also assess if your teeth are moving in the right direction. It is a misconception that each time you need a follow-up check-up, you must have your braces tightened. It is not so much “tightening” as it is adjusting. Frequent follow-up check-ups might seem troublesome at first but they keep your orthodontists Reston on top of everything. If your teeth move in the wrong direction (because you missed several follow up checkups), you will have to wear braces for a longer time.

Pain expectations

Most people fear follow-up check-ups with their orthodontists Reston because they don’t want to feel pain. The degree of pain you will feel after each check-up, though, is relative. Yes, there may be times when you will not be able to eat solid food yet because the adjustment was too painful but most people find that the sensation is tolerable enough, especially with the help of painkillers. You may also just feel an uncomfortable pressure and the pain can last from a few hours to a few days.

It is recommended for anyone with braces to prepare a soft diet at least until they have gotten used to the adjustment. It is still possible to eat after a braces adjustment, just probably not a diet that requires you to chew or bite too much. Also prepare mouthwash just in case your newly installed braces snags against your inner cheeks. This can be painful and could cause sores. So, to be on the safe side, prepare an antibacterial mouthwash to help you out.

Other things to think about

If you want your braces to work for you without giving you infections, you need to practice impeccable oral hygiene. Regular brushing of your teeth is essential. You must also make sure that you can clean your teeth of food debris after eating. Some may get stuck in between your braces. Make sure you clean these off without compromising your elastics. Your orthodontists Reston would be more than happy to brief you about proper oral care and hygiene.

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