Top 10 Tips For Growing Cannabis

Since the past few years, there has been a lot of hype regarding people growing their own cannabis. For those who haven’t started growing their own cannabis, you might think that it is a very complicated process. But, the truth is, growing cannabis is a very easy process, and therefore many people are opting to cultivate weed all by themselves.

 So, if you are one of the beginners of growing cannabis, we are here to assist you. In this article, we have discussed the top ten tips for growing cannabis. So, let us begin.

 1) Choose the right strain of cannabis plant you want to grow. Genetics play a crucial role for both, in terms of suitability of growing the strain indoors or out and what type of cannabis high you want.

 2) Decide on the growing medium you want to use, and by that, we don’t mean a clairvoyant with a greenhouse. Ideally, you want soil with a light and airy texture that drains well but not too quickly as you want it to retain some moisture and nutrients.

 3) Make sure your plants have plenty of nutrients and get the right nutrients at the right time. Do your research and check up on the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium balance depending on the growing stage of the plant.

 4) Decide on the best lights for your plant. CFLs are only appropriate for seedlings. LEDs are becoming very popular and can be used because of low energy consumption.

5) Think about the welfare of your plants and install a fan where they are growing. This will help to reduce the chances of mold, strengthen the plant stems, prevents bud rot, and deters pests like mites and fungus gnats.

6) Establish a growing climate for your plants. This change from seed germination through to harvesting, so prepare a chart that includes figures for the right level of humidity and the best temperature.

7) Pay particular attention to the watering of your cannabis plants. But then allow the top three to four centimeters of soil to dry out before watering thoroughly again. Overwatering rots the roots while under watering stunts the growth of the plant.

8) Train your plants by tying them to a cane, prune excess leaves as well as topping them to encourage vigorous development of buds.

9) The best time to harvest the buds is when most of the plant leaves have turned yellow, and some of the trichomes on your buds have begun to turn an amber-brown color.

10) After harvesting the buds hang them in a dark room with around fifty percent humidity and good air circulation for nearly two weeks. This is applicable to most of the strains including the popular Kyle Kushman strain. Trim off the excess and put the buds in a jar, and seal it with a lid. Open the jar every day for 30 minutes for the air to change and reseal it again.

This is a complete beginner guide for all weed enthusiasts trying to cultivate their own cannabis.

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