What Are The Best Marijuana Seeds To Grow Indoors?

Growing marijuana is never easy. It requires a lot of expertise and scientific information. But, thankfully, one can grow marijuana strains both indoors and outdoors, solving the biggest problem for growers who stay away from the sun-kissed part of the world.

When growing indoors, the growers need to create a controlled environment that has proper light, air, and temperature. Besides, the grower needs to take care of specialized watering conditions, nutrients, and other equipment for the most optimum growing conditions.

The best thing about indoor growing is that it keeps sensitive plants away from changing weather and plant diseases.

So, if you have enough space indoors, then here are some strains that you might want to get started with.

1- Northern lights:

Northern lights have their roots on the west coast of America and are the classic example of plant genetic expertise. This plant is densely covered with resin-loaded nuggets. One can easily obtain a yield of 500 grams per square meter within 7 to 8 weeks when grown indoors with 600w light.

If you are looking for couchlock conditions and strong stoned effects, then nothing can beat the potency of northern lights.

2- Big bud:

Big bud has a thick and dense stature. And that is why, when the plant flowers, it tends to bow down and touch the ground. Bid Bud, as the name suggests, manages to offer higher yields indoors that can range anywhere between 650-750 grams per meter square.

This plant oozes a skunky aroma that offers the user a long-lasting high that is hard to overcome. Plus, big bud is also considered one of the oldest commercially sold marijuana seeds.

3- Amnesia haze seeds:

The genetics of these feminized seeds can be traced back to South Asian and Jamaican strains. In fact, Amnesia haze was a winner of the 2012 Cannabis cup.

Once germinated, the seeds can grow a plant up to 78 inches. And with 10-12 weeks of flowering time, the indoor yield from this plant can be more than 650 grams per square meter. Even though Amnesia haze seeds can be grown outdoors, but they are susceptible to bugs and weather changes.

4- Lowryder:
Lowryder is a famous outdoor strain, but it manages to offer unique characteristics when grown

indoors. You can expect the flowers immediately after Lowryder is planted without the need for specific dark and light conditions. And that means you can experience great yield for an indefinite period.

If you want an easy to grow plant that offers great body buzz, then Lowryder is your go-to.

5- Cheese cannabis seeds:

Cheese cannabis seed is a hybrid result of Super Skunk and Master Kush. It tends to please most seasoned users with its impressive effects obtained from both its parents. Cheese cannabis delivers the biggest harvest that can go up to 700 grams per square meter in the indoor environment.

Besides, one can experience classic Sativa high from cheese cannabis.

 Benefits of growing marijuana indoors

  • The grower has full control over the conditions faced by the plants.
  • Fewer chances of pest infestation and plant disease, thus resulting in better quality yields.
  • The flowering period doesn’t get affected by the changing weather, thus prevention from unnatural climatic elements.
  • Full control over the batch size to regulate the flowering period and maximize the yields.
  • Get the chance to provide the required nutrients to the plants individually. 

Over to you

So, there you go. These are some of the best marijuana seeds to grow indoors. However, keep in mind that your plants are constantly monitored to prevent any barriers that may hinder with cultivation period.

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