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What is the diet to follow after Bariatric surgery?

While you consider your bariatric surgery, you are sure to think about the dietary requirement to sustain the weight loss regime. The answer is: there are many factors to consider regarding the diet. There are many diet phases after the operation, which includes different food of different textures. The slow transition of food of different kinds will occur gradually as time passes and recovery kicks in your stomach. Each phase of the diet will have different recommendations, and this is the steps to follow in a diet after bariatric surgery.

What to eat after bariatric surgery?

  • Liquid diet – At first, you will begin by online consuming clean liquid diet while you are in the hospital – this is during the first 24 hours after the surgery. Clear liquids mainly include water, broth, and sugar-free gelatin.
  • Full Liquid diet – You move onto this phase of the diet after one or three days after the surgery. It is essential to consume enough protein after bariatric surgery. Protein will help in building muscle mass and also supplies abundant energy to the body. This diet phase could include protein shakes and dairy products that you can drink for the next fourteen days.
  • Soft diet – After the liquid diets, you can move on to a soft diet, which is the introduction of food with a pureed texture, just like the food babies consume. This helps you to build a level of tolerance for solid foods. Bariatric Surgery in Mexico dietary services would recommend to continue protein-rich diets and also include eggs and chicken salad to the diet. For the next six weeks, you will continue this soft food diet by gradually moving towards solid foods. Dense food like vegetables can slowly be added to the diet.
  • Regular Diet – After seven weeks of the procedure, it is expected that you return to your regular diet. An important thing to keep in mind is that you must know to maintain your weight. Prioritize protein in your diet and also add in fibrous fruits and vegetables.

The bariatric surgery diet does have some foods and drinks that must be not consumed after post-operation, and it is vital to keep the diet stringent. Caffeine intake must be limited as it can cause adverse effects to the body. If you are looking for Bariatric surgery in Mexico, ensure that you list the best services available and go for the on that best suits your needs.

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