What You Need to Know About a Ultrasound Breast

The very feeling of a lump in the breast is enough to take away one’s peace of mind. The very first thing that crosses one’s mind is whether it is a sign of something severe but if you are to know for sure then there is only one way to find it out and that is through an ultrasound breast.

Ultrasound Breast is a sure shot way to confirm whether the lump in the breast is a good one or a bad one. A lump in a breast is not common and it arouses enough suspicion in one’s mind. Though not always a cause for concern a lump in the breast should not be left unattended. Once the doctor carries out a routine check up an ultrasound of the breast will be recommended to come to a more decisive result. An ultrasound of the breast will be able to confirm whether the lump is a fluid-filled cyst or a solid tumor. Locating the lump and the size also becomes clear once the ultrasound is done.

Once a lump is detected the first thing that occurs to the doctor is whether it is a malignant one or not. Cancer is a deadly disease and the number of women falling prey to this disease every year is not a small one. Early detection and treatment can  ensure recovery and increase the chances of survival. An ultrasound of the breast is therefore much necessary. It is only after an ultrasound is conducted that the truth can be established. For that a sample or tissue or fluid is obtained and tested in the laboratory. For this the doctor needs to perform an ultrasound guided core needle biopsy. The ultrasound of the breast acts like a guide in the process of breast tissue removal for testing.

Is Ultrasound breast safe for every woman?

An ultrasound of the breast is a safe way to ascertain the cause of breast abnormality. There are certain circumstances when women are not allowed to undergo any radiation as it is not safe for them. For Such women ultrasound is a good alternative. Following are the scenarios when women can opt for ultrasound:

  • When one is pregnant
  • When one is breast feeding
  • When one has silicone breast implants
  • Women under age of 25

The thought of undergoing an ultrasound of the breast is often scary for many women but there is no risk involved in the process. You just have to be optimistic and confident. An ultrasound of the breast is just a medical procedure which is not cumbersome. There is no special preparation involved as such but one should refrain from applying powders, lotions or any cosmetics prior to the process.

What Are the General Outcome of a Ultrasound Breast

The results of an ultrasound breast will appear in black and white. If you have any cysts tumor or growth then you will see that they appear as dark areas on the scan report. Dark areas are not always serious and there can be many other conditions that can cause such lumps in your breast. Following are the other outcome of an ultrasound of the breast:

  • Fibrocystic breasts – often are lumpy and are due to hormonal changes
  • Adenofibroma- Benign tumor of the breast tissue
  • Mammary fat necrosis
  • Intraductal Papilloma

The results of an ultrasound breast is the only thing that can put your doubts to rest. Hence, don’t delay in getting one at the very onset.   

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