All you ought to know about medical walking canes

When the mobility of elders in the family are restricted owing to pain or because they are recovering from a sickness, you would have to consider ways and means by which you can help them move about. This is because moving about is essential to ensure proper blood circulation and help in the healing process if they are sick. It is also helpful to make them feel self- confident.

Types of walking canes

You would come across different types of walking canes in the market. However, common types of medical walking cane include

C Cane

This is a walking cane that is straight. The handle is in the top portion of the stick in the form of a curve. This is the most economical and commonly used cane.

Functional Grip Canes

They are similar to the c cane except that the handle is not a plain curve but a functional one. That is, it has a grip handle instead of the smooth curve in the c cane, and this offers a better grip when you use it.

Quad Cane

As the name suggests, these canes have a base that is slightly wide and features four legs. They would offer the balance and assistance that is essential if you are suffering from a paralytic attack or partial loss of function of an arm, leg, or both. You can also use it when weakness affects your balance.

Hemi Walker

The Hemi walker is almost similar to the quad cane. It differs from quads in that the base is much larger. An hemi walker is an ideal situation when you are trying to get the person who is using a walker to get to use the cane.

choosing a cane

While your physician would guide you regarding the best walking cane for your loved one depending on their condition, it is up to you to ensure that the patient is comfortable with the cane that you buy for them. The most important considerations while you shop for cane for yourself or your loved ones is to

Selecting a grip

You have canes with different grip styles in the market. Your choice would be influenced by how big or small the hand of the person who is going to use the cane is?

Choosing a handle shape

As far as the handle shape is concerned, the wide range of options include

  • Curved
  • Angled
  • Round
  • Offset.

Choosing a handle shape and grip that does not cause pain or pressure to the fingers is an ideal option.

Checking the fit

You might be aware that some of the canes are adjustable while others are rigid. When an adjustable cane is used, it is important to ensure that the cane is measured and fitted to provide ideal support. Also, the bend of the elbow while one is holding the cane must be about 15 degrees.

Checking the cane tip

The tip of the cane or the part that touches the ground must offer sufficient support by gripping the ground without skidding or sliding in almost all floor surfaces that you can come across.

Letting your loved ones use a walking cane is one of the ways to ensure their mobility when they are on the road to recovery. A qualified physician would be in a better position to guide you regarding the best cane that would be helpful to support the patient properly and effectively and ensure that they do not get injured again. However, depending on their condition, it might turn out to be a temporary or a permanent solution. Therefore, choose walking canes with care.

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