Blue Dream strain: A Potent Hybrid And Popular Medical Cannabis

Blue Dream, one of the most popular cannabis, gained its fame when pop culture started launching it through the big doors. Many popular rappers and celebrities used it as the popular theme to release their albums and whatnot.

So, today we thought of delving deeper into various aspects of the Blue Dream strain. This way, you will get to know it better. So let’s get started.


The appearance of Blue Dream

Well, by first hearing the name, you must think of the strain being blue or at least having a hint of blue. Well, that is all just imaginary. This sativa-dominant hybrid has nothing to do with the color.

The flowers look thick and are bigger in size. The plant is completely green with orange pistils on it.


Taste of Blue Dream strain

Blue Dream strain tastes a lot like blueberry due to blueberry lineage in its roots. However, some batches of yields can have a hint of pine flavor because of Pinene.

Blue Dream is affluent in myrcene, a monoterpene that results in relaxation and sedation. One can experience both euphoria and relaxation with Blue dream strain but at different stages of high.


The smell of Blue Dream 

Talking about smells, Blue Dream will immediately remind you of berries. Many people have stated that the fresh Blue Dream strain smells extremely pungent. And that is because of the presence of myrcene.

If you are thinking of growing this strain and have neighbors, then make sure that your neighbors are fine with the smells. This is because the scent of the Blue Dream is quite strong and very obvious.


Effects of Blue Dream

Let’s just that Blue Dream hits hard and has an uplifting effect. You can experience euphoria when high, but as soon the effects wear off, you may start feeling sleepy, thus offering you full-body relaxation.

Medical experts have reported that Blue Dream is best for treating depression and anxiety.

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics.

The THC level lingers around 17%. It has 2% CBD and 1% CBN.


How to grow Blue Dream

Blue dream tends to have a huge appearance, meaning it is best grown outdoors. The plant will be extremely happy if it has space to spread its canopy.

The plant prefers a climate that is between 18° to 30° C or 65° to 85° F.

You can expect a yield of 21 Oz (595 grams) each square meter between 9 to 10 weeks that is around 65 to 70 days.


Over to you

Now that you almost everything about Blue Dream strain, how about growing it?

Well, connect with i49 to buy Blue Dream Marijuana SeedsEven if you are a beginner, this strain will work wonders for you.

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