Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction and the Solution

There are four main causes. The most important is emotional and affects 70% of men. The remaining 30% have an organic dysfunction that can be vascular, of arterial origin, hormonal and, in a small number, result of changes in the anatomy of the penis.

The smoking is one of the most important cause. There are pharmacological tests that show that a normal erection can drop by up to 60% in 80% of smokers. For the Tadalafil intermediate manufacturer factory the best medicine is the solution here.

The Aspect of the Issues

Sexuality is not a disease, it is dysfunction and has a very emotional focus. In 70% of cases of erectile dysfunction, emotion is involved in the cause. And remember that with a more relaxed body, the amount of blood needed for nighttime erection is less than what is needed for satisfactory sexual intercourse, which is why nighttime erection does not guarantee the integrity of the erection mechanism. Nighttime erections occur during REM sleep phases and are essential to preserve the corpora cavernosa and the erection mechanism. However, they do not rule out the hypothesis of the incidence of some diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

  • Resistance to treatment is part of the individual himself. However, admitting your inability to have sex is costly and depressing. It is common for men to seek treatment only when stimulated by their partner.
  • Of the emotional causes, anxiety tops the list of causes that block the erection mechanism, another important cause is the lack of ejaculatory control.

Daily stress is also a factor in the sexual performance of modern men

The aging brings not necessarily impotence. A 90-year-old man can have satisfactory sexual activity with an erection if he is healthy, optimistic and in a good mood. This ability can disappear in depressed and sick people regardless of age.

The hormonal disorder is an increasingly diagnosed pathology, but it should only be treated if it is effectively verified and shows consistent symptoms and laboratory tests. Often the hormone levels are low, but they do not need to be replaced and other times they are not so low, but they are interfering in the life of the man. Several hormones may be involved in the problem in addition to testosterone and the main one is prolactin, produced in the pituitary gland. From Tadalafil manufacturer factory you can have the best medication.

The vascular cause is another very important cause if there is an obstruction of the iliac arteries, erection will not occur due to less blood supply to the corpora cavernosa and also if there is venous alteration that favors the drainage of the penis faster than normal, the erection will occur more will remain.

  • Poorly controlled diabetes often develops into kidney, ophthalmic and genital complications. It works as if it were a neurological disease that changes the nerves that stimulate the penis.
  • In summary, as in any area of ​​medicine, the important thing is an accurate diagnosis and the therapeutic alternatives are many and very efficient. We can help to solve this problem
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