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Eating healthy is crucial during lockdowns like what we are experiencing right now. This article looks into the best healthy eating tips during the present Covid 19 times. These tips have been complied by Israel Figa and can be 100 percent trusted. 

Keep up Intake of Vegetables and Fruits

There is no doubt that buying, cooking and storing fresh vegetables can be quite a challenge in a Covid 19 lockdown. This particularly true when parents are recommended to limit the number of trips they take outside of the home. That said, wherever it is doable, it is very crucial as per Israel Figa to make sure that kids are still getting lots of vegetables and fruits in their diet.

In addition, get as much as fresh produce when it is possible. Apart from being consumed fresh, vegetables and fruits can be frozen where it is possible and will be able to keep most of their flavor and nutrients. It is highly recommended that you make use of fresh vegetables to cook sizeable batches of stews, soups, or other edibles will make them sufficiently last for a longer period of time and provide eating options for at least a couple of days. You can also freeze these where it is possible and then reheat quickly. 

Limit Foods that are Highly Processed

Although it is true that making use of fresh produce might not always be possible, try to restrict the volume of foods that are highly processed when you are out shopping in the market. Foods such as meals that are ready to eat, packaged desserts and snacks are usually high in saturated sugars, fat and salt. It is highly unhealthy to eat such foods, especially when you are at home in a Covid 19 lockdown. That is because when you are isolated at home and eat too much of such foods, you are likely to become unwell sooner.

 If you do buy processed foods, peruse the label and try to select options that are healthier which contain less of such substances. Also, it is vital that you try to keep away from sugary drinks and rather drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated during the lockdown.  As per Israel Figa, keeping yourself hydrated is even more critical if you have caught the virus. 

Adding vegetables or fruits like lime, lemon, berries or cucumber slices to water is an ideal means to add some extra pinch of flavor.

Replace with canned alternatives when there is no availability of fresh produce

It is true that Fresh produce is the ideal option most of the time. However, when it is not readily available (and that can be possible during the Covid 19 lockdown as people tend to panic buy), you can opt for any of the other healthy options that you can prepare and store with relative ease.

Canned chickpeas and beans, which offer a number of useful nutrients, can be easily stored for several months and you can include them in meals in a number of ways. Oily fish that is canned like sardines, salmon and mackerel are quite rich in protein, various minerals and vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. You may use these in sandwiches cold, pasta or salads dishes, or you may even cook them as part of a hot meal.

Bottom Line

To conclude, there is barely any doubt that eating healthy is immensely important during Covid-19 and particularly so if you are isolated at home. True, it can be quite tempting to eat with reckless abandon when you have nothing else to do but that can have very unpleasant consequences in the long run. Therefore medical doctors around the world along with Israel Figa recommend that you carefully follow the aforementioned eating tips so that you have a healthy diet. Bear min mind that having a healthy diet is even more critical during Covid 19. 

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