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Effective Home Remedies to Solve Postpartum Hair Loss

You cannot compare the joy of giving birth to your precious little one with anything else in this world. As and when you step into pregnancy, you will be subject to a new world with innumerable hormonal changes and mood swings. While some may seem exciting and new for your body, postpartum hair loss is something that nobody desires anyway. It refers to the unnatural hair fall that you will experience during and after your pregnancy. The main reason for it to occur is hormonal changes. The good news is, you can control the hair fall issues with effective home remedies. Some of them include the following:

  • Avoid chemical shampoo and oil: Using artificial products for your hair is a big no-no, especially during and after your pregnancy. Choose natural shampoo, conditioner, and essential oils for your hair. It will prevent hair fall and help to nourish your hair follicles. You can choose indulekha oil and shampoo for regular use.
  • Avoid stylers for your hair: You also need to stop using hair straighteners, curlers, and dryers for the time being. It tends to have a negative effect on your hair, leading to post-pregnancy hair fall. Make sure you avoid cosmetic products and styling as of now.
  • Eat well and have your vitamins: Doctors do prescribe a lot of nutritional tablets during pregnancy. Make sure you take those vitamin, calcium, and protein tablets. Also, eat healthy and home-cooked meals. It will help you strengthen your hair.

Your overall well-being is necessary to take good care of your hair during pregnancy. You cannot just avoid post-pregnancy hair fall with quick methods. A prolonged healthy habit and good care of your hair throughout your pregnancy will ensure that you don’t unnecessarily lose your precious hair.

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