Let’s Talk About CBD Myths

Are you hesitant to buy and try CBD? Then you need to review the things you know about it. Maybe some of the things that you know about CBD are actually lies. There are many CBD myths going around. This article will discuss some of the more popular and persistent ones. 

One of the more popular myths about CBD is that it can get you high just like marijuana. The CBD-marijuana connection is really hard to shake off. After all, CBD is derived from a Cannabis Grow Light. But what people need to know is that CBD is different from THC. 

The latter is a psychoactive substance. It is what makes marijuana a psychoactive herb. CBD products that are available on the market may contain traces of THC but it is not enough to get you high. Because CBD is not capable of getting you high, it is also not addictive.

What taking CBD can do is give you a feeling of relaxation. It may even change your mood for the better. But it will not get you high. The effects of CBD comes from its interaction with the endocannabinoid system or ECS, the system responsible for maintaining homeostasis or the state of balance in the body. 

Because CBD cannot get you high it is a perfectly legal product. Using it will not get you into trouble with any CBD oil UK law. You can safely shop at CBD stores such as Love CBD and buy yourself a product such as a hemp oil spray without having to worry about doing something illegal.

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