Reasons for Teeth Discolouration and Methods to Follow for Avoiding It

While celebrities have pearly white teeth, common people may have dull smile due to yellow or stained teeth. This shouldn’t be surprising, even if you brush daily twice a day. There are many reasons which affect the colour of teeth. However, yellow teeth definitely make a person self-conscious about their appearance and they hesitate to smile more often.

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Causes of Yellow Teeth

Other than white or yellow teeth any other discolouration of teeth is considered abnormal. Yellowing can be due to various reasons –

  • Highly pigmented foods like berries, tomatoes, stain your teeth. Sugary items like candies, popsicles and food items that contain a good amount of carbohydrates are the main cause of bacteria and discolouration of teeth.
  • Similarly, coloured beverages like red wine, tea, caffeine, colas stain teeth when they sit on your teeth.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco can also result in staining teeth. As the consumption continues the teeth get darker and darker.
  • Certain antibiotics for adults and kids can stain teeth to grey-brown. It is wise to consult doctors to know the side effects of any medications.
  • Ailments that affect the enamel can lead to discolouration of teeth. Chemotherapy or radiation can lead to decolouration and some other treatments can also cause mouth ailments.
  • Tooth trauma is a severe shock after an accident or fall. When adults face tooth trauma the tooth turns grey or brown while in kids it turns yellow or brown.
  • There is a possibility that you inherit teeth that are stained easily or inherited yellow enamel. If you have genetic yellow teeth you can treat them with Crest whitening strips to get back white teeth.
  • If yellow teeth are left untreated for a long time they become apparent with age. With age, your enamel becomes thin which makes the yellow dentin more prominent.
  • When you consume an excess of fluoride in the form of fluoridated drinking water, juices or supplements, it can cause your teeth to discolour.
  • If you don’t brush properly or floss and rinse your mouth often, it can build up plaque which can lead to tooth discolouration and various other problems.


  • Avoid or limit the consumption of certain food that you think are contributing to yellowing your teeth.
  • Drink beverages or any other drink with a straw and avoid taking tobacco in any form.
  • Get a regular check-up from your dentists and hygienist to follow a clean and healthy dental routine.
  • You can also use whitening strips regularly for few days. Completing the whitening cycle can also keep your teeth white for a long time.

If you’re unhappy with the colour of your teeth, consult a dentist. Numerous treatments can be followed to get back a healthy and white smile.

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