The Best Hand Soaps to Fight against COVID-19

In this global pandemic, doctors and health workers recommend washing hands regularly to combat against corona virus. It means that we are going to wash hands with soap aggressively. That is why we offer some useful recommendations about soaps that won’t parch your skin. There are many hand soaps which contains hydrating agents like glycerin. You need to buy some useful hand soaps which remove dirt and maintain the tissues of your skin. Check iherb store where different products are available regarding health and beauty care. Just try iHerb promo code and get these hand soaps to fight corona virus. Some useful hand soaps are listed as:

Yes to Liquid Soap (Coconut Lemongrass):

This liquid hand soap made with glycerin and coconut which hydrates skin. This hand soap is best for regular hand wash. It also includes lemongrass extract which has anti-bacterial feature. This soap is also used for skin whitening. The smell of this coconut lemongrass liquid hand soap is lovely.

Everyone Hand Soap (Lavender and Coconut):

This hand soap is a combination of lavender and coconut oil. The smell of this liquid hand wash is calming and gentle. It also has vitamin B which is helpful to moisturize and support external surface of your skin. It also has relaxing agents like Aloe Vera and calendula flower extract.

Dove Hand Wash Liquid (Coconut and Almond Milk):

A board of certified dermatologists in New York declares this Dove foaming hand wash soap number one above all. The composition of this liquid hand wash contains glycerin and stearic acid which keep the skin moisturized. There is no alcohol or sulfates use in this soap so it won’t cause irritation. iherb provides special savings or discounts with iHerb promo code which is present at

J R Watkins Liquid Hand Soap (Lavender Foaming):

This soap is a blend of coconut oil and lavender foaming, both stops moisture loss. It has no synthetic scent and formaldehyde, so won’t irritate sensitive skins. This soap  also comes in many varieties like Aloe Vera, vanilla mint, and green tea.

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap:

Looking for sustainable liquid hand soap? We recommend this Mrs. Meyer’s liquid hand soap because it protects from germs. The Aloe Vera leaf juice makes skin smooth and clean. It is a combination of black pepper seed and parsley oil which is useful to rejuvenate the skin.

Farmstead Liquid Hand Soap (Raspberry Almond):

As the name shows, the smell of this liquid hand soap is like fully ripped raspberries. It is made with ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and vegetable wax. This liquid hand soap will be a perfect option for daily use.

CLn Liquid Soap (For Hands And Foots):                                                                                        

This soap is specially made for those who have nail or skin infections. Dermatologists recommend this hand and foot wash to their patients. It is helpful for athletes, diabetics, and those who spend more time outdoors. It contains salicylic acid which is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Grab iHerb promo code to obtain remarkable discount.

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