Acupuncture is one of the best Techniques of relieving pain, aches, sprains, etc. Acupuncture is an Ancient Asian Medical Technique which is well Tested and scientifically proven. The process for Acupuncture is very easy and sophisticated form one perspective and really complicated from the Practitioner’s point of view. The process of Acupuncture involves- 


  • Identification


The first step is to identify the root cause of the problem. According to Acupuncture Science, a human body is consists of several channels. Firstly the channel, which is the cause of the pain or needs Acupuncture treatment, is identified by the Professional. This is basically done by a series of tests conducted by the Practitioner itself. It consists of Checking Your Pulse Rate through your Wrist. Examining your tongue for any kind of Patches, Black Spots, or anything like that.


  • Analyzing your Issue and Condition


 Base on the observation, the practitioner asks you about your issue and analyze your condition. Analyzing the issue is the key part of the Acupuncture Technique. Click here to know more about the Analyzing Process. 


  • Planning and Marking the Particular Points 


Based on the particular information received from the side of the person the practitioner carefully plans and determines the exact particular spots where the needles are to be used.


  • The Insertion 


When the planning and plotting are done the practitioner very carefully and with great precision inserts the pin. Needling a channel can treat the problem itself or problem in the organ system related to it. During Insertion or Removal of Needles, the Practitioner usually moves or deviated needles in some particular manner in order to achieve increased desired results.


  • Isolation Period 




This is the most important period of the Acupressure technique. This is the point when the Acupuncture process or say, the magic happens. The individual, after the insertion of very fine needles, is permitted to rests unobtrusively in a dim-lit space for about 20-30 minutes. During this stage, the individual with needles on his/her body may encounter a Sensitiveness, weight, pressure, consuming, shivering, or tingling feelings. The vast majority think this as a reaction to the Acupuncture Process, however, it is totally a misguided judgment. It is a part of the Acupuncture procedure this plainly shows the procedure is going on perfectly fine. 


  • Removal and Post-Treatment


Once the time as decided by the Acupuncture practitioner is completed the needles are removed from your body and you are good to go. Usually, most of the people get huge relief instantly when the process is done. After that, you are advised not to do any kind of hard work for a few hours just like eating a heavy diet, going to the gym, having intercourse, etc. 

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