Thread Lift Procedure Can Make You Look Younger

Are you interested in looking younger? While the aging process is inevitable, there are many things that we can do to look younger! The facelift procedure is very popular but if you are looking for something a bit less invasive, you should consider the thread lift procedure.

You can check out more about the procedure and the cost of thread lift in Melbourne according to Me Clinic or you can search a bit more locally. This all depends on where you are from and what exactly you might be looking for.


For a younger appearance consider the thread lift procedure

The thread lift

How much do you know about this procedure? Well, the thread lift is also known as the barbed suture lift, and this is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to give you a lift, similarly to the facelift, but a bit more subtle. In addition, the procedure is considered temporary.

The best candidates for the procedure are patients who are in their late 30s, or just those who have some sagging skin or wrinkles on their face. Sometimes this surgery can also be used on your breasts, and it gives you a subtle lift.

This procedure has been around since the 90s, and it has definitely improved a lot since then. A person is in generally good health is a good candidate for the surgery, but if you have any sort of conditions that could cause complications, you should not consider this procedure.

How does it work?

Well, the thread lift procedure will work in two ways. Your doctor will use thin and invisible threads and go under your skin, then pulling the threads to tighten the areas that you want to tighten. The amount that can be tightened all depends on how much your skin has started to sag, which is why sometimes people require a facelift instead.

When this barbed thread is inserted into your body, the natural response your body will have is to produce more collagen. Although you are not hurt, your body is trying to heal itself in the places where the threads are, and with the added production of collagen, your skin is bound to look much younger, because that is what the collagen is designed to do.

Of course, it is also important that you talk to your doctor, especially if you want something else done. The clinics that provide these kinds of surgeries tend to provide many others. For example, you can get both the vein specialist in Melbourne such as Me Clinic and a thread lift done at the same place.


There are other procedures you could be interested in

Final word

So, schedule a consultation and tell your doctor the procedures you are interested in and why. Your doctor will examine you and tell you whether you are a good candidate, or if a different procedure could give you better results. The thread lift procedure will leave you looking refreshed and younger.

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