Traditional Chinese Medicine As The Answer To Sub Health

Sub health is a curious state that is seldom covered in medical journals or mainstream media. For starters, sub health is an umbrella term and a state of health of your body. Under sub health exists a range of different symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea and unexplained aches. When you are in this state, you would be feeling possibly sick and unwell.

Difficulty Seeking Treatment for Sub Health

Commonly if you were to visit a doctor, you would describe your state as “being under the weather”. Yet, the doctor would not find a set of symptoms that matches any known condition in western medicine. Instead, he or she will likely prescribe staying away form work and resting. Possibly, pain relivers or other symptom based medications may be given as well.

However, while the symptoms may be alleviated, you could possibly still feel weak or less than your best possible self. Why is this so?

When a discrepancy in your system exists but has yet to develop into a complete blown ailment, sub health occurs. At this point in time, you would feel uneasy however will not be given a medical diagnosis during a healthcare facility examination because no specific virus can be identified.

How then can you seek help for addressing the weaken state?

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Sub Health

The Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Before, we explained how traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) can help you with sub health conditions, we first need to understand its basic principles. TCM sees the human body to be an integrated whole. Since a concern in one system can cause problems in another, therapy has to be given to the body in its entirety instead of the impacted area.

TCM believes that health issues comes about as a result of the body losing its equilibrium. Because of this, it takes an integrated technique, looking to reestablish balance to the body in its entirety instead of just managing the affected area.

Given this outlook, we can see that the overall general health and balance within the body is of vital importance in TCM. As such, sub health conditions which emerge due to imbalance are covered under its methodology and are addressed.

Dealing with Sub Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine can deal with a variety of different illness, varying from discomfort, colitis, neuropathy, joint inflammation, depression, sleeping disorders and stress. Other than simply aiding to deal with signs and symptoms, natural herbs additionally help to enhance nutrition in the body. This is due to their rich antioxidants, immune boosters and anti-inflammatories characteristics.

By receiving the treatments and taking the prescribed herbs, your body’s balance is rebalanced, thus restoring you back to 100%.

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