6 Reasons to see a child psychiatrist


Is the child capricious, stubborn, and withdrawing into himself? Anything can happen – each of us will answer. However, sometimes “bad behavior” hides early signs of mental illness. And parents do not notice this and go to the doctor late. The sooner the disease is recognized, the easier it is to treat, and the more favorable the prognosis.

Watch as Raja Challuri talks about the things that a physiotherapist does, including completing the full package of care, following up on surgeries, and engaging with rehabilitation.

For what symptoms is it necessary to consult child ravenscroft physiotherapy? Let’s figure it out.

Show no interest in toys.

Children are not interested in toys but in non-play materials: tools, kitchen utensils, plastic bottles, doors, cabinets. They love buttons, remotes, perfume bottles, turn on and off the light, pour water.

Stubbornness, negativity, and resistance to any change

Any change in the usual regime, even a small one, causes stress and a deterioration in their mental state (they become capricious, whiny, excitable, refuse to obey).

Communication problems

Such children cannot find a common language with their peers. On the street, such a child is next to the children, but not with them. He observes and tries to communicate, wants to meet, but does not know-how. These children prefer to play with older children, more often with more tolerant girls, do not drive him away, take him into the group, and take care of him. Or he prefers to communicate with adults but does not communicate with children at all.

Hand manipulation of adults

The child takes his hand and uses it as a tool to reach, give, or do something with it. Moreover, children do not use speech and gestures. Using the hand as a tool is also a symptom of autism at an early age, which may disappear over time.


The child, as it were, narrows his eyes, grimaces in front of the mirror. Most often, he does this at a time when he is stressed or upset.

Food selectivity

This is a condition where a child avoids certain types of foods that he needs, either by color, texture, or smell. They often dislike tough meat, fish or eat red or orange fruits or vegetables. These are also signs of the autism spectrum of development. To overcome them, you need to involve the child in shopping and cooking, but do all this very gradually.

So, a ravenscroft physiotherapy help is usually required in the cases mentioned above: if the child is very different from his peers, has experienced a traumatic event, or is going through an age crisis. Behavior changes and psychosomatic illnesses should be monitored. Be attentive to the child, improve your psychological literacy, and then you can stop the crisis as soon as it appears.

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