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Bariatric Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve been told by your doctor that your weight puts you at a risk for heart disease and diabetes, you might have considered bariatric surgery.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that is meant to help you lose weight by altering your digestive system. For example, one type of bariatric procedure reduces the size of your stomach and the structure of your intestine so that you are hungry less often. This is known as the gastric bypass procedure. There is also evidence for the effectiveness of this procedure. Around 85% of patients lose weight post-surgery and 50% of them maintain this level of weight loss.

There are also other types of bariatric procedures, such as the gastric sleeve and duodenal switch. However, these operations have a lower success rate than the gastric bypass.

It is important to note that the surgery itself is not enough for you to lose weight. It must also be accompanied by changes to your lifestyle, including your diet and exercise habits.


First of all, you must be certain that this procedure will significantly improve your life. Any surgery will take a toll on a person’s mental, and sometimes physical, health. Hence, it must be a decision that is made after a lot of deliberation.

If you are covering the payment for this surgery through insurance (which is probably the case if you are getting Bariatric Surgery in Las Vegas, you also must convince your insurance providers that this is absolutely essential for your life.

Most importantly, you need your doctor’s approval for the surgery to happen. You must be well-informed about the procedure and convince your doctor that this is a good path.

After approval

You will need a support system to recover from the surgery. Hence, ask family members to be there at the hospital to give you physical and emotional support.

Moreover, you must mentally prepare yourself as any surgery can be really scary.


As you transition into your new life, you will be experiencing a lot of discomforts. One problem that is commonly faced by patients is known as ‘food grief.’ This is the grief that you experience knowing that you will not be able to eat food in the same manner as you used to.

Bariatric surgery is a great option for those who want to improve their lives. If you think this is the path for you, you can consult the many hospitals that perform bariatric surgery in Las Vegas.

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