Gifts for joint lovers that you cannot miss out on

Glass isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and yet, for bombers, you should avoid sending out gifts that can be inconvenient. Nice glass bongs can be expensive, and sometimes the pipes won’t work out as required. If you are a joint lover, kush can be great. 

Well, some of the gifts that you need to give your bonger friend include the following

  • Plastic joint roller

Joint rollers can make life easy. Believe it or not, rolling a joint is extremely time confusing. And honestly, not everyone is in the mood to set it right. So, if you are going to gift your joint lover friends something great then plastic joint rollers are the best option. These are cheap and can be indispensable and affordable. Moreover, you won’t need to use your hands for rolling the joint. Isn’t that just great?

  • KushKards

We all know Christmas cards, congratulations cards and so on. But, what really steals the show are KushKards. Honestly, these are great. But what are kushkards? KushKards are a more personalized way to wish your bonger friends. Along with the card, you can attach a pre-rolled joint. Well, this is going to make their entire holiday. 

  • Marijuana Joint Case

Do you know that marijuana Joint Cases are available in the market? Rolled joints are extremely fragile mostly because of the paper. So, it may be tough to transport and carry them. It may become tough for your smoker friends to keep up with it and this can be annoying. You can always come to the rescue of your smoker friends and bestow them with a marijuana joint case. Marijuana cases are not only valuable accessories but also helps you carry your joint on the go. 

  • Joint pouch

This is yet another great way to carry your joint with you. If you haven’t been able yet to carry these around, you can surely with the pouch. The Hush-Kush bags are indeed one great way to carry your joint around with you. 

  • Funky Tips

Paper tips are fragile and can get soggy. This is one of the most inconvenient options for carrying or rolling your joint. The glass tips are extremely effective and can make it pretty easy for you to carry your joint. Also, funky tips, especially made of glass can help to avoid the soggy feeling while making the joint. 

  • Flavored rolling papers

Hands down these are going to be the best gifts for the joint lovers. Make sure to check what flavor the person likes and send out flavored rolling papers to them. 

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