What Kind of Tasks Does a Pharmacist Do?

Pharmacy is the comprehensive clinical medical science which ties chemistry to biology and is charged with the discovery, synthesis, production, administration, disposition, safe and efficient use, and regulation of drugs and other drugs. Pharmacy science is one of the important branches of medicinal science which provides enormous opportunities for career advancement. With pharmacy education, a student can acquire knowledge about all areas of pharmacology and pharmacy administration.

Home care pharmacy refers to the drugstore where patients can obtain prescribed medicines and supplements. In Canada, home care pharmacy became a billion dollar industry. In fact, in some major cities like Boston, pharmacy stores are thriving and have even gained reputation as a mini medical city. Home care pharmacists play an important role in providing healthcare to individuals with limited mobility and disabilities.

Variety Of Tasks:

Home care pharmacists perform a wide variety of tasks, including filling prescriptions, handling medication refills and assisting patients with everyday activities. The pharmacist job description includes completing prescribed tasks as designated by a doctor or nurse, stocking shelves, ordering supplies and more. Home care pharmacy experts can prescribe a range of medications including over-the-counter and prescription medications. They can also prescribe treatment plans for various illnesses and conditions. Home care pharmacists are typically employed by home healthcare agencies, rehabilitation centers or nursing homes.

Home care pharmacists provide hands-on help to their patients. Home care pharmacists are knowledgeable about the newest prescription drugs, medications that are nonprescription, as well as some of the most popular pain relievers. With years of experience and education, home care pharmacists can handle a variety of different medications. For example, a pharmacy tech may help a patient who has toothache with painkillers and other medications.

A pharmacy technician assists pharmacists in the preparation and maintenance of medicines at a community pharmacy. A pharmacy technician prepares and supplies necessary items for medication administration. Pharmacy technicians usually work in a pharmacy’s administrative offices. For a student looking to enter the pharmacy field, a pharmacy technician program is a great option. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer pharmacy technician programs.

Consulting pharmacy is another job that a pharmacy technician may work. A consulting pharmacy professional is trained to evaluate the medications of their clients. When a consulting pharmacy professional recommends a specific course of treatment for a client, the pharmacist may work directly with the consulting physician to formulate a plan of treatment. Consultants are often employed in hospitals, clinics and primary care centers.

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