Doctor’s Self-self-help guide to Acne Scar Treatment in Singapore

For people who’ve endured from acne before would certainly realize that struggling with persistent acne breakouts are not most likely probably the most annoying and challenging factor an individual is affected with. What’s worse than dealing with handle acne breakouts can be the permanent scarring that may avoid after it heals. Blemishes and publish-inflammatory pigmentation overlooked by acne breakouts can be distressing, nonetheless the depressed scars is definitely an lengthy lasting indication within the emotional trauma acne might cause.

That will assist you understand acne scarring better, we glance for among the finest aesthetic doctors in Singapore , Dr. Siew Tuck Wah. He’s founder and Medical Director of Radium Medical Appearance. He will encourage you to answer a number of our questions on acne scarring and the ways to treat them.

Before we explore the various treatments, the first step should be to recognize what type of acne scar you’ve.

Kinds of acne scarring

Generally, scars belong to two groups: atrophic (depressed) and hypertrophic (elevated) scars.

Atrophic scars result from deep inflammation within the deep layers on the skin. Once the bovine bovine bovine collagen and elastin fibers are destroyed in route when there’s insufficient bovine bovine bovine collagen to rebuild your skin, an individual finishes an eye on depressed scars.

However, in situation your body creates more bovine bovine bovine collagen computer system should, it can cause a elevated scar. When hypertrophic scars form, they might form a keloid, where they raise past the normal skin layer.

Depressed scars are segregated into three types:

ICE PICK These scars are narrow and deep. There’s a inclination to visit a lot much much deeper kinds of acne scarring. They’ve steep edges and taper having a narrow base, resembling an indication overlooked by an ice pick.

BOXCAR These scars are often identified by their wide, defined edges which are shallow with sharp edges.

Moving They are usually wide and shallow onto the skin, acquiring a “hill and valley” texture that may sometimes resemble orange peel.

Pigments and liver spots may take shape immediately after breakout subsides, acne marks or hyperpigmentation may form. Based on Dr. Siew, these dark pigments have a very inclination to fade alone in case you permit them to be. However, remedies are available if you wish to expedite the entire process of recovery.

Options for treating acne scarring

Before we discuss the various scar treatments available, we have to first realize that there’s no chance to become vanish entirely. Everyone’s skin differs, this means you will react differently for that treatments.

Dermal fillers

HA dermal fillers are often acquainted with immediately improve appearance of depressed scars with softer edges.

Obtaining a couple of drops of dermal fillers injected towards the depression, it could plump inside the skin to balance the depression, reducing the design of the scars. The conclusion result can typically last between 6 and 12 a few days, according to the kind of fillers used.


Cosmetic laser light treatments remain probably the most used acne scar treatments in Singapore .

According to the type of skin and the kind of scars, the physician might indicate different lasers to lessen redness, resurface your skin, or promote bovine bovine bovine collagen production. Options include CO2 laser and PicoSure Laser.

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